Blessings for Kids Black

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Blessings for Kids Black

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Blessings for Kids Black
Bloom Box
Blessings for Kids Black
Plush Animal
Blessings for Kids Black
Trapp Candle 3.75 oz
Blessings for Kids Black
Trapp Candle 8.75oz.
Blessings for Kids Black
Bloomers Gift Card
Hand made with love in Medjugorje, give the gift of a blessing and protection to all the children you love! This bracelet is small enough to fit on children from the ages of 3 through 13. All of our Blessing For Kids bracelets come with 3 Benedictine Medals alternating silver and gold in finish. Three medals represents the Holy Trinity and the Benedictine Medal is a powerful symbol of God's protection. It comes in White, Black, Purple, pink and Red. The bracelet comes on a bookmark with Bible verses conveying God's love for all His Children.

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Due to seasonal availability, if the exact flowers or container you have selected are not available, our expert florist will create a beautiful bouquet with the freshest available flowers. We will only substitute items of equal or higher value.

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