Annie Sloan Clear Wax

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Annie Sloan Clear Wax

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Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Bloom Box
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Plush Animal
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Trapp Candle 3.75 oz
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Trapp Candle 8.75oz.
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
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Annie Sloan Soft Wax is the consistency of soft margarine in a tub so it is easy to apply, is completely colourless and has very little odor. It is water-repellent so can be used on dining room tables and kitchens. Wipe clean regularly with a damp cloth although for tough marks use a proprietary spray cleaner and re-wax. Annie recommends applying Chalk Paint decorative paint, waxing it and then sanding it for the best results. You can also colour the Clear Soft Wax with a little Chalk Paint. 500ml tin

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Due to seasonal availability, if the exact flowers or container you have selected are not available, our expert florist will create a beautiful bouquet with the freshest available flowers. We will only substitute items of equal or higher value.

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