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Vinnebago by Corkcicle
Item No: CVinnebago
ENJOY 25 HOURS OF COOL Vinnebago is the ideal way to keep your beverages perfectly chilled while on the go. After discovering a huge break-thru in traditional insulation technology, Vinnebago takes vacuum sealed bottles to the next level with a proprietary third layer of insulation. The result is the most beautiful, best-performing insulated bottle... ever. 1. Pour your favorite beverage into the Vinnebago. Drinks must be poured in at the temperature you desire (already cold or already hot). 2. Seal Vinnebago with screw-on cap.* Wide mouth allows for spill-free transfer from bottle to your Vinnebago. 3 Enjoy! Your drink will remain virtually at the same temperature for up to 25 hours for cold drinks and 12 hours for hot ones. *In order to maintain temperature, cap must be fully secured in place. Holds 25 oz.

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